Thursday, September 2, 2010

What happens when you quite writing on you Blog …

A lot happens and I definitely need to update you but first

Why did I quite writing…. First, I was procrastinating. I didn’t want to take the time, my Blog was becoming a burden and not the fun outlet it was at first. Soon, it felt like it had been too long and I had to explain my absence from writing.

Then it clicked, I wasn’t inspired. I didn’t have anything amazing to say. I truly didn’t feel like I had much to say at all.

Today, I became inspired again. I opened up a word document and started writing. I started writing one of those posts that comes from my happy place. It comes as an instant glimmer of thought that develops into a great piece of work (or at least great for me). I imagine this feeling or experience to be much like what great artists feel when they suddenly know the hook for their next song or the character in their next novel.

Below are a few of my favorite posts that have grown from a ‘thought glimmer’ as we will call them:

- Philosophy from the CupcakeAholic
- Fixing the Inside
- I am a city girl at heart
- What makes up a CupcakeAholic
- I wish I could eat whatever I want and be that skinny
Hopefully this will keep you happy until my next post... which will be posted no later than Saturday morning (deadlines, I am a person who needs deadlines)!

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