Friday, July 16, 2010

Things I hate about Summer ...

This is an inspired post both Andrea and Sassy did posts on this and I had to join in. Although, we do disagree on the watermelon front.

I also must point out that I could list hundreds of reasons why I love summer but that is another post.

1.)  Flys – In the last two days I have found three monster flies in my house. And no, they weren’t normal flies, these suckers must have been had steroid injections. Please be aware, I don’t own a fly swatter (crazy I know). So I end up using the back of my Fitness magazine on the window, which is now smeared with bug guts. I was grossed out but not so grossed out that took the time to clean the window.
1b.) Mosquitoes – On which day did God create Mosquitoes?? I am just asking because I am inventing a time machine and visiting that day and my plan is to stop him from taking the hallucinogenic drugs he must have been on. That is the only explanation for creating a creature whose only purpose is to eat blood, and make my skin itch, and be so annoying.
2.) Hawaiian shirts – especially the ones which are Tan and have palm trees on them, trying to be a ‘Tommy Bahama-esq’. It seems that all men over 40 who have to dress up regularly think, these beaches shirts are the perfect Saturday, Sunday, evening or casual day ensemble. I beg to differ!
3.) Humidity – Humidity will be my demise. I love the heat. I could enjoy it all day but – stupid humidity making it hard to play, run, breath, not look like a complete sweaty monster.
4.) SWRA – That would be Bra Sweat, this kind of corresponds with #3. Just grossness as you sweat on your bra line
4b.) – Moustache sweat – sweat right along your moustache line… that is not attractive on anyone … especially this girl.

Ok that was actually really hard to come up with -- 1 and 1b were easy but the others not so easy.

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