Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Philosophy from the CupcakeAholic

Do you ever truly know who you are?

I don’t think we do. I feel that as a person I am always growing and changing. Every moment is defining who I am and I might be able to explain who I used to be or who I am now but I will never be done molding who I am.

I think we are defined by the things we do, the people we surround ourselves by, the books we read, blogs we follow, foods we eat, alcohol we drink, and memories we make.

If I was able to tell you who I am then that would mean I am done evolving and that my friends is a sad, sad thought.

What are you good at?

Some one recently asked me ‘What are you good at?’ I had no idea. I could easily tell you what I do for fun. That I love being active but I am not really good at any sports. I can bartend but I am by no means a great bartender.

The only thing I truly can define is I am a good teacher. I only know that because when  I have been given the option to show someone how to do something, it typically goes really well and in many instance they have identified this as a strength.

Good at??? Well, I love to read and write but my no means am I a good writer. I love to learn and fill my brain with new knowledge but I wouldn’t say I am overtly intelligent.

What do you believe in?

Wow, I believe in a lot of things..

I believe that truth is a virtue all should possess.

I believe that everything happens for a reason and we couldn’t be who we are today without our mistakes.

I believe in no regrets. No matter what has happened move forward and never forget. Learn and Live.

I believe that the way a heart slows in the presence of love is so much more meaningful than the way the it speeds in the presence of lust.

I believe in second chances but not thirds.

I believe that you have to be happy with just you before you can meet the person you are meant to be with.

I believe that nature has more power over our wellbeing than anything man has created.


Stay tuned for another episode of Philosophy with the CupcakeAholic.

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