Thursday, July 22, 2010

Happy Birthday America … the belated edition!


I thought I was due for a little lifecasting this evening… even if it is a little late. So here are a couple of photos from our Forth of July on the lake.

Good Friends, Nice Weather, Patriotism, and Great Beer! Enough Said.

011Brittany (my old roommate) and Dennin (her new roommate/boyfriend) and Bear (he’s the little one)


Brit and Jess On the Rocks … it’s a new drink. Ask your local bartender I’m sure they can make you one.


016 013

I originally had cropped the randomness out of this one but then I decided I love it as it! We were on the sand bar on Pelican Lake in Minnesota. Our own little red neck yacht club!!


So Happy Birthday America. Good times and great friends.

Now to bed… gotta be up at 5 AM to catch my flight.

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