Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fixing the Inside

Surgery for weight loss

I know this is a sensitive subject and I have been contemplating this post for awhile. In actuality, I wrote this post two weeks ago and sat on it. Coming back to edit it twice and still feeling a little uneasy. But here it is… raw and real.

I have talked about my weight loss journey here .

Where am I going with this …

ah yes

I believe there are a lot of things you learn in the journey to weight loss … I am still learning.

I have in the past talked about some of my issues with food here and here and here.

National Institute of health claims 95% of people who lose a large amount of weight gain it back within 3 months of losing it.

What is a large amount of weight … 40 –75- 100?? I am not sure

I believe some of this results from not dealing with the issues that caused you to gain weight in the beginning.

Biggest Loser touches on it  … there are books on it (i.e. Joining The Thin Club).

It is true some of us were just raised eating bad food. I do believe the excess chemicals and byproducts in our foods do impact our weight. I understand the theories behind why artificial sweeteners can make you crave more sweets and how processed foods contribute to our eating more.

But for many of us there is more to it. Yes, if we all ate like our great grand parents we would probably be in a lot better condition. If we were more active and had labor related jobs our live would be different

But for me and for many others some of the issues we deal with come from somewhere else.

You eat because: your bored, tired, stressed, sad, and even happy. Emotional eating whether it is due to a trauma early on or how we learned to deal with our feelings is huge issue in the world today.

So …

Here is where my opinion comes in. Weight loss surgeries are wonderful for controlling your eating. So are diets if you can be committed enough to commit to them but what happens when the strict diet is over? What happens when you get to your goal weight? What happens when that comes fast and you never deal with how you go here to begin with??

My feelings are when we use food to deal with emotions, and we use a surgery, or a pill, or an extreme diet to remove the weight…. when the issues come back, How do we deal with them?

This is my biggest struggle with weight loss surgery. I realize the issues of obesity in our society but I feel there needs to be more care of the inside. The heart, the soul, even the brain before surgery is involved. Without this, we are doomed to repeat or mistakes.

I personally know two people whose stories are very similar. Both begin their weight loss journey with surgery. Both gained it back. One with quite a bit more. One of them is still living with the feelings and thoughts that she can never be skinny.

The other sought help for her emotions, and begin to eat healthy, control her portions and is now a healthy weight and an amazing inspiration to others.

Do I believe surgeries for weight loss should exist? Yes. Do I think they are overused to immensely? Yes

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