Friday, June 11, 2010

Someday my Prince will come

I am a strong believer in the philosophy 'everything happens for a reason' and fate, but sometimes I get sick of waiting.

I think to myself, just let it happen already. Can I just meet the man of my dreams?

I know when the time is right; I will meet the right person. I know God has a plan for me & I am sure it is amazing. I am confident that said man will blow my socks off and I will be so mesmerized by his presence I will forget any other man ever existed.

But ...
As much as I love the freeness of my life, I secretly can't wait for the day that  I am tied down & sitting at home catching up on DVR with my love is the highlight of my Friday night.

Shhh ... don't tell, as we don't want word to get out that I am not the super- independent, happily single, free spirited, mid 20 something that l lead everyone to believe I am.

For now ... I wait.

Note: I apologize for the extreme sappy-ness today, I think the immense amount of weddings (4 in June) is starting to get to me.

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  1. I can definitely understand where you are coming from on this. I struggle with this a lot too. Not just in the area of relationships but of everything else that God has in store for me. I want it now. Now, now, now. But we are like children, give us what we want now, and we lose something. We lose the lesson, the blessing and the fulfillment.

    I often look back at myself in high school. I was the biggest geek you could imagine (not to say that this has changed any). All I wanted was to find that person that completed me, and who doesn't when you're so young and impressionable? But thats not what God wanted for me. Thats not what God had me ready for. Because of that I have been taught so much. I have been taught that patience isn't God dangling a prize above our head to taunt us but to teach us to jump higher and farther.

    Luckily, however, God has given us chick flicks to tide us over until we can jump high enough and far enough to fully enjoy the perfect relationship He has created for us, so enjoy fictional happy endings until you get yours. :)