Monday, June 21, 2010

Hungry, Hungry Fridge

My fridge is hungry… it is feeling a little neglected.
Ok, it is feeling a lot neglected.
And there is a very distinct possibility it is beyond hungry.
It need veggies, lots of fresh, crisp veggies.
And fruits, sweet summer fruits.
Monday Confessional for the week of June 21, 2010: I have not been grocery shopping in two weeks.
So Jess… How do you think you can feed your body for those workouts you have been should be going on? How do you think you body likes processed soups and the occasional egg sandwich? Especially considering you don’t typically fuel it on those types of foods.
Also Jess, Do you maybe think, just maybe some of your tiredness and lack of energy has anything to do with the fact you haven’t cooked in… God only knows how long???
Get back on track! Yes, you are making decent choices when you eat out, and yes you are busy but if you are too busy to give your body the right foods… then you are too busy to eat out, and too busy to party, and all the other things you have been doing instead of fueling you body on the good stuff.
Enough said.

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