Thursday, June 10, 2010


No ...  over here!!

 It's me!!

 Jess, that girl who used post on here and seems to have gone missing!!

Ring a bell????

I know, you never thought you would here from me again, or maybe you hoped you wouldn't.

I have been busy the last few weeks but... that is no excuse. I have been traveling ... but that is no excuse. I have attended two weddings and have two more the next two weeks ... but that is no excuse.

You see, I have been lazy. Summer is a tough time of year for me. My schedule gets crazy!! I find myself ....
  • Having drinks on the patio with old college friends
  • Attending weddings, it seems everyone I know is getting married!!
  • Having lunch with high school friends when they are back in the area.
  • Trying to find time to head out to the lakes (oh Minnesota Lake country... oh how I love thee).
  • Being active outside.
So here is the plan! I  have some fun picture updates from what I have been up to and totally plan to update you. 

Also, I am trying to pick my next race. I already have the 5k or 10 miler at Lumberjack Days on the page. But that isn't until July 24th so hopefully I can find a couple more between now and then. I am still on the fence about the FM Mini Marathon in October. I need to get my but in gear if I am going to be running that. It also sounds like I might be doing the Dick Beardsley Half Relay in September.

Stay Tuned!

I promise to be a better Blogger and I will give you some substance too!! Soon very soon!!

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