Friday, June 11, 2010

Everything is better fried

That is my motto and I am sticking to it!!

So every June in the lovely community I live in we have an event called RibFest. 4-5 days of ribs made by some of the best places in the country, outdoor concerts, beer, and ... fried everything!!

There isn't healthy food in site, even the corn on the cob is rolled in butter.

I know this is going to shock you.

Are you sitting down?

I love every second of that deep fried goodness!
They have (I am going to feel like Bubba Gump here):
  • Fried Cheesecake
  • Funnel Cakes
  • Corndogs
  • Taco on a Stick, yes the make a taco, dip it in batter and then fry it!
  • Deep Fried Smores
  • Onion Rings
  • Doughnuts
  • Blooming Onions
  • Spiral Spuds
  • Deep Fried Twinkies
  • Deep Fried Snickers

And my personal favorite ....

Deep Fried Oreos!!!
Last night I passed on the ribs, I passed on the corn, I passed on the blooming onion (although I love those things) and the spiral spuds but I did have my annual Deep Fried Oreo.

How it works is, you get 5 for $3, yes it only costs $3 to clog your arteries, that point aside... Amy and I order them up and we each have one and then force the other people with us to each have one as well. So that way we get our one soft, warm, oowwy, goooey, chocolaty goodness but don't have to eat 5.

I also had two beers but we all know what beer tastes like.

Now, I am off to rush and get ready for the 5PM wedding, yep that is #3 for June. One more next weekend too!!

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