Sunday, June 13, 2010

Chicago Day 2

Day two in Chicago, we headed downtown in the AM so my parents could see a little of town. We didn’t have a lot of time but they got to see the bean, Lake Michigan, the Navy Pier and Buckingham Fountain.




Then we had to head to the wedding. My cousin Leiah, married Vy. Vy and his family are Cambodian and moved to the U.S. when Vy was young. It was so neat to experience a wedding of a different culture.


The dowry being provided to the Bride’s family.


The couple after receiving the dowry.


And the blessing by the Monks.


There was another ceremony following this. This time the couple in orange attire. Different married couples ‘pretended’ to cut Leiah and Vy’s hair. It was entertaining, and interesting. Of course there was lots of new food Friday evening too.

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