Friday, June 25, 2010

But Daddy I want a Golden Goose!

I want it now!

I have always been one of those people who do things at the moment that thought comes to their mind. By that I mean, when I was 19 one night a friend and I decided we each wanted a tattoo. We called all the tattoo parlors in town to see if anyone could get us in that night. Of course, they couldn't but one could get us in tomorrow.

26 year old me: What was I thinking; if all the other ones are booked and this guy is available ... he probably isn't the best. Heck, he probably isn't even that good.
19 year old me: I-N-D-E-P-E-N-D-E-N-T (yes I same the song as I wrote that), this is going to make me truly independent.

Moral of the story... I have three  little stars tattooed on my body. Although, since I still feared my parents ,it is hidden, hidden so well that you can't even see them if I am in a bikini. So they are my little secret (or at least until I posted it on the internet). Oh and they don't look that great. He wasn't very good :(

I regress ...

Today my 'I want it now' moment: There is a new health food store in town!!! Well in the town across the river, but I almost screamed when I heard. Please note I live in a decent size community with great natural food sections in our grocery stores and one health food store which has been around since the 60's-70's (they were pioneers!!). But no Whole Foods, No Trader Joes :( So a new store makes me soooo excited.

I want to go, I want to go now!!

But ... I promised myself no 'extra' buying until my big spending thing (more details on that later) is completed.

But ... Is it really 'extra' if it is food??

Oh but think of the yummy goodness! What if they have Siggi's ?? Or any of the other amazing items my stores don't carry??? Imagine the possibilities ..... (I  daze off into my day dream of amazing natural treats!)

That is it!! I am allowed one item!

 One purchase!!

One piece of deliciousness!!

 I am going today, well tonight after Body Pump!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Things I want right now ....

I am wanting a lot of things right now and I am just not willing to spend the money. So... talking about them might seem like I have them already... right??!!???

Ever since I saw these lovelies on Sabrina's blog I have been yearning for them!!!

I am a reader.. forever and ever. I love books! I love the smell, the feeling of splitting the binding! I love it all. For this reason, I buy lots of books. I have boxes and boxes in my basement (which I have all plans of going through and donating the ones I will never read again). Truly... do I need all these books? No, all I would need would be a Kindle and it would be one lovely piece of technology that I could take with me everywhere. I have been yearning for Kindle since they came out and I keep thinking they will go down in price, PLEASE go down in price!!

Today I got an email from Amazon that the Kindle is now only $189. Now I really really want one!!!

There is only one issue, ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of having a room in my house full of books. In my head it is lined with shelves and is my own personal library. I have often imagined laying in a big comfy chair reading as a guest walks in and grabs a book from the shelf and askes about it. Of course since this is my imagination, I vividly remember all the details I encourage them read it because it is so great.
In reality, the Kindle is a much more thesable option and over time it could save me money, yet for now I just get to want ...

I could go on and on and on ... but for today I don't want to sound greedy :)

Random Ranting & Raving

Itchy ear, Itchy ear
These amazing leaf earrings are making my earlobes itch!!!

Peeling Nails - Darn you dish water!! You are making my nails peel - no cute long nails for this girls as long as bartending ensues.

Yummy Lunch and Dicount Ice Cream -- An invive from a  co-worker for a blat bread pizza lunch daye left me full,full, full but then the $2 waffle cone to benefit a good cause put me over the edge. I'm sluuuggggiiissshhh and lazy!

Yeah, I am in a quircky mood! Good day!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hungry, Hungry Fridge

My fridge is hungry… it is feeling a little neglected.
Ok, it is feeling a lot neglected.
And there is a very distinct possibility it is beyond hungry.
It need veggies, lots of fresh, crisp veggies.
And fruits, sweet summer fruits.
Monday Confessional for the week of June 21, 2010: I have not been grocery shopping in two weeks.
So Jess… How do you think you can feed your body for those workouts you have been should be going on? How do you think you body likes processed soups and the occasional egg sandwich? Especially considering you don’t typically fuel it on those types of foods.
Also Jess, Do you maybe think, just maybe some of your tiredness and lack of energy has anything to do with the fact you haven’t cooked in… God only knows how long???
Get back on track! Yes, you are making decent choices when you eat out, and yes you are busy but if you are too busy to give your body the right foods… then you are too busy to eat out, and too busy to party, and all the other things you have been doing instead of fueling you body on the good stuff.
Enough said.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


I am a sleeper.

And not in the sense of sneak in at the last minute, no one expects you to do well, Cinderella team kind of sleeper.

The I should be in bed by ten in order to feel like I got any rest kind of sleeper.
The I often sleep until 10 or 11 on Saturday and Sunday's kind of sleeper ... this is especially true when the first stipulation isn't met!!

When I don't get enough sleep I look much a meth-head strung out for days. I have huge black circles surrounding my eyes that no amount of makeup seems to help. I tend to snooze my alarm until the apsolute last minute and not even think twice about my raggedy apearance.

Why am I sharing these raunchy details you ask???  Well the past, ehhhh, 'few' weeks I have been not in my bed by the appropriate time. I have been up until 10:30, 11, and 12 (gasp!!) on way too work nights and I have no one to blame but myself.

Today, I took a stroll to the rest room and did a double take when I witnessed my disheveled appearance.  Yikes!!

Tonight ... in bed early! That's an order!!

Did I mention that when I don't get enough sleep, I tend to eat the worst foods, skip the gym more, and drink 3 times as much soda as normal?? Yeah this girl needs some rest!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Chicago Day 3

Saturday we had to be back at Vy’s parents home at 9:30 AM for the final couple ceremonies.



Doesn’t she look like a queen??





The tying of the wrists. Married couples tie red strings soaked in blessed water around the wrists of the new couple.


109 107

Sierra, Leiah, and I





My parents!


One final shot of the happy couple.

Sunday morning I flew back to reality. Sigh!

Chicago Day 2

Day two in Chicago, we headed downtown in the AM so my parents could see a little of town. We didn’t have a lot of time but they got to see the bean, Lake Michigan, the Navy Pier and Buckingham Fountain.




Then we had to head to the wedding. My cousin Leiah, married Vy. Vy and his family are Cambodian and moved to the U.S. when Vy was young. It was so neat to experience a wedding of a different culture.


The dowry being provided to the Bride’s family.


The couple after receiving the dowry.


And the blessing by the Monks.


There was another ceremony following this. This time the couple in orange attire. Different married couples ‘pretended’ to cut Leiah and Vy’s hair. It was entertaining, and interesting. Of course there was lots of new food Friday evening too.

Chicago Day 1

Last weekend I headed to Chicago for my cousin’s wedding. I actually flew in a day earlier by myself to spend a little time seeing the town that is Chicago.


Of course during the Stanley Cup Playoffs the town was decorated in BlackHawks gear. This is the lion outside the Art Institute of Chicago.






I love the architecture!! Look at these windows.


What is more amazing that this fountain in Millennium Park?? The kids dancing and playing it the water!


047 Look at that skyline!!

049 There is something about a river flowing through a city that reminds me of home!052 

054 Of course the John Hancock building.




077 This fountain was stunning and I didn’t know what it meant. When I got home I googled ‘Red Fountain Chicago’ it turns out they dyed it red as a tribute to the BlackHawks as they were playing in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Seriously, I love me some team spirit.

Day one ended when my parents arrived and we headed to Gino’s East to have an amazing slice of Chicago Pizza!! Yum!!!

Wedding Season

Memorial weekend was filled with lots of fun for me.


Lindsey, a friend who now lives in Minneapolis, was in town for the weekend. Brittany, Lindsey, and I headed downtown Friday night for a couple martinis at Monte’s. I love that place!


Then when we got home, we had a shot of tequila for old times sake and classed it up with Busch Light by the fire.



Saturday brought two weddings. Allisa a friend from high school, and Ryan a co-worker of ours from the bar.

  023 Brit and I got all dressed up and planned our day so we could hit both weddings and both receptions.

A few other moments from that night.








Friday, June 11, 2010

Everything is better fried

That is my motto and I am sticking to it!!

So every June in the lovely community I live in we have an event called RibFest. 4-5 days of ribs made by some of the best places in the country, outdoor concerts, beer, and ... fried everything!!

There isn't healthy food in site, even the corn on the cob is rolled in butter.

I know this is going to shock you.

Are you sitting down?

I love every second of that deep fried goodness!
They have (I am going to feel like Bubba Gump here):
  • Fried Cheesecake
  • Funnel Cakes
  • Corndogs
  • Taco on a Stick, yes the make a taco, dip it in batter and then fry it!
  • Deep Fried Smores
  • Onion Rings
  • Doughnuts
  • Blooming Onions
  • Spiral Spuds
  • Deep Fried Twinkies
  • Deep Fried Snickers

And my personal favorite ....

Deep Fried Oreos!!!
Last night I passed on the ribs, I passed on the corn, I passed on the blooming onion (although I love those things) and the spiral spuds but I did have my annual Deep Fried Oreo.

How it works is, you get 5 for $3, yes it only costs $3 to clog your arteries, that point aside... Amy and I order them up and we each have one and then force the other people with us to each have one as well. So that way we get our one soft, warm, oowwy, goooey, chocolaty goodness but don't have to eat 5.

I also had two beers but we all know what beer tastes like.

Now, I am off to rush and get ready for the 5PM wedding, yep that is #3 for June. One more next weekend too!!

Someday my Prince will come

I am a strong believer in the philosophy 'everything happens for a reason' and fate, but sometimes I get sick of waiting.

I think to myself, just let it happen already. Can I just meet the man of my dreams?

I know when the time is right; I will meet the right person. I know God has a plan for me & I am sure it is amazing. I am confident that said man will blow my socks off and I will be so mesmerized by his presence I will forget any other man ever existed.

But ...
As much as I love the freeness of my life, I secretly can't wait for the day that  I am tied down & sitting at home catching up on DVR with my love is the highlight of my Friday night.

Shhh ... don't tell, as we don't want word to get out that I am not the super- independent, happily single, free spirited, mid 20 something that l lead everyone to believe I am.

For now ... I wait.

Note: I apologize for the extreme sappy-ness today, I think the immense amount of weddings (4 in June) is starting to get to me.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


No ...  over here!!

 It's me!!

 Jess, that girl who used post on here and seems to have gone missing!!

Ring a bell????

I know, you never thought you would here from me again, or maybe you hoped you wouldn't.

I have been busy the last few weeks but... that is no excuse. I have been traveling ... but that is no excuse. I have attended two weddings and have two more the next two weeks ... but that is no excuse.

You see, I have been lazy. Summer is a tough time of year for me. My schedule gets crazy!! I find myself ....
  • Having drinks on the patio with old college friends
  • Attending weddings, it seems everyone I know is getting married!!
  • Having lunch with high school friends when they are back in the area.
  • Trying to find time to head out to the lakes (oh Minnesota Lake country... oh how I love thee).
  • Being active outside.
So here is the plan! I  have some fun picture updates from what I have been up to and totally plan to update you. 

Also, I am trying to pick my next race. I already have the 5k or 10 miler at Lumberjack Days on the page. But that isn't until July 24th so hopefully I can find a couple more between now and then. I am still on the fence about the FM Mini Marathon in October. I need to get my but in gear if I am going to be running that. It also sounds like I might be doing the Dick Beardsley Half Relay in September.

Stay Tuned!

I promise to be a better Blogger and I will give you some substance too!! Soon very soon!!