Thursday, May 13, 2010

What makes a Cupcake-Aholic ....

I once had a Facebook status at 4 AM that said ‘Jess – is wishing she was wearing high heels so she could do the model walk down her hallway’ It was written after a few to many drinks but it represents me to a T.
Random thoughts like that pop in my head and if I am not in the presence of someone I am comfortable with, or a computer they leave as fast as they came. I have been reading a lot this week, different things, new things, keep popping in. I have been trying to write down each of them, whether fictional or truthful before the creative part of my brain exits and the normal me comes through again.
On the particular night that status went up, I had worked until 2 AM at the bar and we had decided to have an after work gathering at my house. We made martinis, shots, beers, and gosh knows what else. I have the most random pictures of people dancing in my apartment living room without a care in the world. I am fairly certain we had a photo shoot on my bed with various people and jammed out to Michael Jackson and some 90’s rap. Aww, the good ole days.
The random girl who wrote that status:

• Walks around her house with ‘Barbie Toes’ to try and not let her stiletto heels leave little hoof prints in the gorgeous 50 year old wood floors. What are ‘Barbie Toes’ you may wonder… well Barbie Toe’n is walking or standing on tip toes just like Barbie’s are permanently molded, kind of like an invisible high heel. It is phrase stolen from Tyra Banks on America’s Next Top Model.

• If she falls asleep with two socks on, always wakes up with only one on.

• Can’t watch another person eat without digging in. This sometimes comes across as fairly rude but it just a thing she does. She will share with you too!!

• Often ponders the randomness of life… like since she works at a bar the works entirely on the quarter or larger system, why doesn’t the rest of the world.

• Laughs at the most inappropriate times.

• Has never seen a Star Wars movie, or an episode of Star Trek and probably never will.

• Thinks that the way a heart and breathing slows in the presence of someone who you love is so much more important than the way it speeds up in the presence of lust.

• Gets three random black hairs on her chest which she plucks as soon as she sees them.

Loves to challenge people to bar sports she is horrible at (i.e. darts and pool), but only if they can play each other left handed. She usually doesn’t tell them till she beats them that she is left handed.

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