Friday, May 28, 2010

Tooth Fairy, are you there, it's me Jess!

It has been a long week but that's ok because it is a long weekend. And next week, I work two days!

So remember how I love chocolate covered coffee beans ... well I have a box in my desk and most afternoons I get a little craving and I allow myself 4. Tuesday, one of my beans was extra crunchy. I spit it out and look what I found.

Two pieces of what I thought was my tooth. Why does it look so yellow here!!  Turns out it was my crown and I had to go in to the dentist (lovely). Insurance covered two hundred, so two and half hours and $900 out of pocket later, I had a new tooth. All I have to say is thank God I had savings.

I had been really good the last few months about saving $200 from every check so I had enough to cover it. Had this happened a year ago I am not sure what I would have done.

Other news that I realized I haven't shared! I weighed in last Friday and guess who is under 150!!! This girl!! 149.8!! I haven't been this small since my Sophomore year of college (I didn't put on the freshman 15 it was more like the sophomore 20). Woot Woot!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I have a pedicure with my Mom tomorrow, a wedding at 3 PM, then Sunday is housecleaning day and our annual Memorial Weekend gathering at a friends house. Monday will be dinner with the family late afternoon.

Please remember all of those who have passed on before us, all of those who have served our country, all of those who make this land such a wonderful place to live.

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