Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Stop the Press!!!

I am on a pedestal today... can you believe it??? I will save my soap box talking for the end of this post because first I have news.

I lost last week. Not just a little, I lost everything I had gained the last few weeks and I weighed in at 152.6. I am .4 pounds away from 30 pounds lost and only 7.6 pounds away from my goal.

I was so happy I could have cried... ok not that happy! But I stepped on the scale twice to see if it was lying to me.

I was a fairly healthy eater last week. I had WAY more fruits and veggies than my previous weeks. I had a few Green Monsters and tried to stay within my portions. That’s the good of last week; I also didn't go to the gym or run at all. I have always heard that when you take a couple weeks off your muscles release some of the water they keep in them soooo the scale might have been a false positive.

Ok the Soap Box ....

I don't eat 'clean' all the time, I don't buy all organic, I sometimes shop at Wal-Mart and support corporate America. I often forget my reusable bags at home. I know that those things make me not a true granola and I don't care. I try to make choices as often as possible to help our environment So...

It really chaps my behind when I am reading blogs by people who won't put chemicals in their body but take almost all their food pics on paper plates with pretty little flowers on them. The End, that is all I am going to say about it.

P.S. I noticed I was pressing the keys really hard as I wrote that.

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