Tuesday, May 4, 2010

She Loves It, She Loves It Not!

She Loves it Not

I took my new bike for a spin last night!! It finally stopped raining and when I got home from BodyPump I decided it was the perfect night for a ride. I did just less than 12 miles and was ready for dinner when I got home! I also had a realization... I have been a naughty runner the last couple weeks. I am running a 10K on May 22nd and I was doing so well with my training plan. Then the last few weeks I have completely bailed on running.

I have always said I never want to resent exercise. I want to do it because 'I Want To'. That is the whole reason I don't go to BodyStep anymore. Every Tuesday I would get out of work and dread the drive to the gym. So I decided to make Tuesdays a running day (Today is Tuesday and yes I will be running). I think the last few weeks it wasn't that I didn't want to run or work out... I was just plain LAZY!

I am a LAZY person. There I admitted it. I sometimes feel like my active lifestyle is lie. If I just keep doing it someday I will enjoy it. I still have days where I wake up on Saturday at 10 AM and go... I will run on Sunday. Then I wake up at 9:30 AM on Sunday and think ... ehhhh I am taking the weekend off.

She Loves it!!!!

Do I contradict my self, well then I contradict myself! It is ok because I do love exercise even though I sometimes dread it. Last night I caught myself 'having a conversation' while riding my bike (it was out loud too.)

It is those moments where I am so lost from real life that I imagine like a child. That is why I love exercise! When I run I sometimes imagine that I am training for my first marathon (when it is only my first 10K) or on a bike ride I imagine speaking to people about fitness and how I got healthy. Sometimes it has nothing to do with exercise, I just imagine, just like I am five again. I love the escape from reality. Yeah, I know I am kind of a freak but it’s ok with me!

So even though I dread exercise, I sometimes loath it, some days (or weeks) I can’t bring myself to look at my running shoes… in the end I make myself go because somewhere in all of the craziness I get lost, I forget about the piles of work I left uncompleted at the office, I forget that I work at my second job all next weekend, I forget that I am 26 years old and should be acting like grown up. I forget that beyond the age of 7 your aren’t supposed to play ‘pretend’.

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