Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Race Recap - Fargo Marathon 10K

Better late than never! I ran the 10K at the Fargo Marathon Saturday morning and thought I would give a little recap.

I was up bright and early (my alarm went off at 5am, I crawled out of bed at 5:30 am).

Something about my expression says 'I am a little  too cheery at 5:30 AM'

 Since it was no longer predicted to be in the 80's and the weather was now looking like rain, I opted for my new shirt as running gear.

It was a soggy run! It wasn't raining when I left my house but by the time the race started at 7:00 AM it was sprinkling and it rained pretty decently the whole race. I LOVED IT!!! The rain kept me cool and since I wasn't getting hot my heart rate and breathing stayed down.

I met a couple friends from college and we agreed to stick together. It was the longest distance any of us had run so we thought a team effort was in order. We ran slow but we finished. We ran just over 78 minutes.

Soggy Socks!!  Had to hang my socks to dry after the race.

Amy and Defoe (another friend of ours), met me at Chub's Pub for beers following the race. I made a quick phone call to them before they left the house to bring flip flops and a T-shirt for me. I was soggy and there was no way I could wear wet shoes and T shirt.

Post Race - Pre Beer

What I learned from my first 10K....
  • We could have run faster!! We ran at a pace we could talk at. We kept thinking we would get tired and not be able to talk but that never happened. Next time -- push ourselves!
  •  Rain is amazing!!! I will be running in the rain all the time!
  • Ipod isn't needed always - I am an IPOD runner but I never even turned it on. I think part of it was the conversation but I don't always need my IPOD.
  • I might need to get a back-up pair of running shoes. My shoes were soggy for two days but I don't want to skip an amazing rain run just to save my shoes!
  • I can do more than 6 miles, it might be slow but I think I can do a half!!!
Couple other things ...
Another Amy friend of mine was in town from Minneapolis Saturday night and she wanted to check out Kobe's a new japanese resteraunt in town with a Hibachi/Teppankaki  bar. I love Hibachi bars!! Amy talked me into trying new things...
  • Edamame with sea salt - good but almost too salty for my taste
  • These green dumpling things with (I can't remember the name) with pork inside. -- Very good.
  • Sushi with Tuna - I love cucumber and avocodo rolls but I don't like seafood so I always stay away from Sushi with actual meat in it. She convinced me to try one of the specialty rolls with two different kinds of uncooked tuna. - Soo good!! Not fishy at all!
10 Miler Notes
I have been considering a 10 Miler as my next race. There is one at Lumberjack Days in Stillwater, MN at the end of July. I thought this would be a good next step before a half.

  • I looked up the times and it seems it is small and mostly experianced runners. By that I mean, only 5 - 10 people in the 11-12 min mile area. I am slow unless I really concentrate on my training and with it being the first time I would be doing 10 miles... I am thinking I might be slow.
  • Another thing - it might be hilly. That area of Minnesota (along the Wisconson border) can be hilly and argh more nerves !!!!
  • I would be one of the last finishers and I really don't like that. I think I like large races where their are all different abilities present.
This post brought to you by Two-fer Tuesdays ( because it was almost two posts in one!!)

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