Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oh how I love thee, Sticky Notes

I have an odd office supply obsession. To be honest, pens are ok, pencils are fine, paperclips are boring… what really gets my heart racing??? Notebooks and Sticky Notes. Every time I open a brand new notebook and write on the first page it is like the first day of school again. Oh the joys of childhood.

What sparked this off topic intro was the large amount of sticky notes I have stuck to my desk on any given day. Some are ‘to dos’, reminders, or books I would like to purchase, or products I hear about, or the phone number to guy I would like to hire, lots of them are momentary thoughts or blog ideas. I actually have a sticky note on my desk right now that says ‘Sticky Note Obsession’ … yep nerd alert. What is even nerdier? … the fact that I am going to get slightly excited when I finish this post and get to place that sticky in the recycling pile. (and no, the electronic ones for your computer just aren't the same!!)

In other news, I have my 10K coming this weekend at the Fargo Marathon. The race starts at 7 AM which means I need to be up around 5 AM to get breakfast in and all my pre-race fun. I ran into a friend from college on Sunday evening and found out her and another friend from college will be running 10K as well. More joyous people to run into while I trudge along.
Also another friend of mine will be coming to town this weekend from Minneapolis. It will be really fun to see everyone and celebrate finishing my first 10K.

Sorry for you quick random post, remember my What if ... post??? I have an update coming soon on how that has been going.

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