Monday, May 10, 2010

Relocation .. Boooo!

Last week flew by, before I knew it, it was Friday. This weekend flew by as well, too much time working at the bar and suddenly it is Monday. Fortunately for me, this week I only work at the bar Wednesday night and Sunday night so my weekend will be a lot more relaxing next week.
I am working on a ‘What if’ post which is more personal than my normal posts so keep your eyes out for that.
Last post I eluded to some life changes that are happening and here it is: The house I live in was my Grandma’s, I currently live there with my brother and a friend of ours Brittany. We had been renting it from my family since my Grandma was in the nursing home. Now that she has passed the family has voted to sell the house and will be listing it on June 1st. I considered buying it myself but decided I want to finish paying off my credit cards before I buy a house (I am proud of my big girl decision!).

So…. that means we will be looking for a new place to rent. Brittany is moving in with her boyfriend July 1st so it will just be Josh and I. After living in a house I really don’t want to go back to apartment living. We also inherited my Grandma’s cat, Tony, who has grown on me and I love our cuddle sessions. My brother also got a dog last year, a gorgeous yellow lab Windsor and he must come with us. Our animal clan will limit our options quite a bit.

We started looking at some different rental companies and I think we are going to have some options. We are thinking we will be moving as of August 1st so we have sometime.

The looking, packing, and moving will create some hectic times this summer. I despise moving!! I still have boxes of books and other things in our basement from the last move. I am vowing to be better about unpacking this time!!
Have a great Monday!

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