Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm A Mess!!

I was pretty much done with a different post and this one just screamed at me. Not literally, but the pain is yelling and saying ‘You must tell everyone about this’. So here goes …
I had a headache last night and woke up with one this morning. I half chalked it up to my fried appetizer and chocolate covered strawberries intake last night (oops!). I figured give your body what it isn’t used to, and get a reaction you aren’t used to.
The headache subsided a couple hours ago (yay!) but guess what showed up? Lower back pain! I would describe it as on my left side right about pelvic bone, the same place I had issues last year during my race. I am praying it goes away before Saturday! I am so nervous already about the 10K and this is not making me feel better.
The worst part, last year the Chiriopractor told me it was probably due to some ITB issues. So I bought a foam roller and started rolling out my muscles after every run as well as stretching.
Confession … I have been so busy that last week that on my last two runs (last Thursday and Saturday) I haven’t stretched as well as normal and I didn’t roll out my muscles. I am not a doctor, or a fitness expert but… I am thinking the two might be linked.
I am going to roll everything out when I get home, try a short run and pray it doesn’t get worse!!!
I will take any tips, advice, suggestions!! Please pretty please!!!

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