Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm Fond of ...

I'm Fond of ....

• chocolate covered coffee beans

• getting my eyebrows waxed

• the feeling of accomplishment

• looking at great photography by an amateur photographer

• Fat Tire and Rolling Rock Beers

• my Mom - amazing !!

• drinking Bud Light by the fire pit on cool summer evenings

• Ménage a Trios Wine

• aviator Sunglasses

• flip flops

• funky hats

• my Dad

• wearing my hair in different ways

• clothing - old, new, slightly used

• the glow of the moon on Minnesota Lakes

• the smell right before it rains

• grey finger nail polish

• lists

• the smell of spring

• sticky notes

• kiwi

• music in all shapes and forms

• finding the perfect unique piece to add to your wardrobe

• fun flats

• high heels

• my brother – it’s wonderful to be related to my best friend

• ok, just shoes in general

• the fact that my friends think I should write a book about my dating stories (yes, they truly are that horrible!!)

• campfire smells

• the moment when you set foot on ground you have never seen before

• Greek salads!!

• outdoor concerts

• talking to strangers and learning their story

• Victoria’s Secret Supermodel Perfume

• the unconditional love of an animal

• writing on the first page of a notebook

• finding new words to broaden my vocabulary

• Opi 'I'm Really Not A Waitress' nail polish

• the moment your creative spark turns to flame and you have an idea to begin writing

• identifying what makes you you

• dreaming about what my life might be like in the future

• enjoying every moment in the presence of someone I love

• my extremely independent lifestyle

• learning something new

• getting the giggles at inappropriate times

• carefree, free spirited people

• finding the good in a stranger

• this amazing world and all it has to offer

Now ... your turn!

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