Friday, May 7, 2010

1 Loss, 1 Win

It's been a long week (and getting longer). I have some things changing in my life that are going to cause some hiccups in the road (I will touch on those in a later post).

Loss: My friend Kellie (from my John Mayer post) was supposed to run the 10K with me at the Fargo Marathon. She had to pull out because she can't get the day off of work. Which means Jess is running alone, in a race that I have been feeling very unprepared for. I am frustrated by the situation but not with her. I totally understand that things happen and it is ok, I am sucking my lower lip back in and am going to stop pouting.

Win: First background on my week, my legs have been screaming at me all week. I took too much time off and then jumped in head first. Monday I did BodyPump and biked 12 miles. Tuesday, legs were hating me and I went for a 2 mile run and had to walk three times (arghhh!). Wednesday my legs were still pretty soar, I took it easy at BodyPump and really decreased my lower body weight. It actually seemed to loosen up my muscles and they wern't too bad afterwords. So I decided to still take it easy and do just over a mile on the eliptical.
Thursday.... the wind had died down, it was a cool 50 degrees out and I decided to run. It was slow, but I ran 4 miles!!! Four freakin miles!! for the first time without stopping. When I had about a mile left all I kept thinking was 'I can do this 10k, I don't need a partner, I got this'.

I had to do a little cheerleading for myself because I know I will be running by myself and won't have anyone to push me. After the run I rolled out my muscles and thought about the race a little. With just over two weeks to race day, I am confident that I can finish the 10k and it won't kill me (Win), it might be slow and at my own pace but I will run this race. I am actually thinking it might be better to do it by myself because I always try and keep up with my friends who are little more naturally athletic.

I am so happy to say I worked out 4 days this week. I work at the bar all weekend so I won't get a run in till Sunday but it going to be another long one. Only one week till I taper off for the race!!

Happy Friday!!

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