Friday, May 28, 2010

Tooth Fairy, are you there, it's me Jess!

It has been a long week but that's ok because it is a long weekend. And next week, I work two days!

So remember how I love chocolate covered coffee beans ... well I have a box in my desk and most afternoons I get a little craving and I allow myself 4. Tuesday, one of my beans was extra crunchy. I spit it out and look what I found.

Two pieces of what I thought was my tooth. Why does it look so yellow here!!  Turns out it was my crown and I had to go in to the dentist (lovely). Insurance covered two hundred, so two and half hours and $900 out of pocket later, I had a new tooth. All I have to say is thank God I had savings.

I had been really good the last few months about saving $200 from every check so I had enough to cover it. Had this happened a year ago I am not sure what I would have done.

Other news that I realized I haven't shared! I weighed in last Friday and guess who is under 150!!! This girl!! 149.8!! I haven't been this small since my Sophomore year of college (I didn't put on the freshman 15 it was more like the sophomore 20). Woot Woot!!

I hope everyone has a great weekend! I have a pedicure with my Mom tomorrow, a wedding at 3 PM, then Sunday is housecleaning day and our annual Memorial Weekend gathering at a friends house. Monday will be dinner with the family late afternoon.

Please remember all of those who have passed on before us, all of those who have served our country, all of those who make this land such a wonderful place to live.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Race Recap - Fargo Marathon 10K

Better late than never! I ran the 10K at the Fargo Marathon Saturday morning and thought I would give a little recap.

I was up bright and early (my alarm went off at 5am, I crawled out of bed at 5:30 am).

Something about my expression says 'I am a little  too cheery at 5:30 AM'

 Since it was no longer predicted to be in the 80's and the weather was now looking like rain, I opted for my new shirt as running gear.

It was a soggy run! It wasn't raining when I left my house but by the time the race started at 7:00 AM it was sprinkling and it rained pretty decently the whole race. I LOVED IT!!! The rain kept me cool and since I wasn't getting hot my heart rate and breathing stayed down.

I met a couple friends from college and we agreed to stick together. It was the longest distance any of us had run so we thought a team effort was in order. We ran slow but we finished. We ran just over 78 minutes.

Soggy Socks!!  Had to hang my socks to dry after the race.

Amy and Defoe (another friend of ours), met me at Chub's Pub for beers following the race. I made a quick phone call to them before they left the house to bring flip flops and a T-shirt for me. I was soggy and there was no way I could wear wet shoes and T shirt.

Post Race - Pre Beer

What I learned from my first 10K....
  • We could have run faster!! We ran at a pace we could talk at. We kept thinking we would get tired and not be able to talk but that never happened. Next time -- push ourselves!
  •  Rain is amazing!!! I will be running in the rain all the time!
  • Ipod isn't needed always - I am an IPOD runner but I never even turned it on. I think part of it was the conversation but I don't always need my IPOD.
  • I might need to get a back-up pair of running shoes. My shoes were soggy for two days but I don't want to skip an amazing rain run just to save my shoes!
  • I can do more than 6 miles, it might be slow but I think I can do a half!!!
Couple other things ...
Another Amy friend of mine was in town from Minneapolis Saturday night and she wanted to check out Kobe's a new japanese resteraunt in town with a Hibachi/Teppankaki  bar. I love Hibachi bars!! Amy talked me into trying new things...
  • Edamame with sea salt - good but almost too salty for my taste
  • These green dumpling things with (I can't remember the name) with pork inside. -- Very good.
  • Sushi with Tuna - I love cucumber and avocodo rolls but I don't like seafood so I always stay away from Sushi with actual meat in it. She convinced me to try one of the specialty rolls with two different kinds of uncooked tuna. - Soo good!! Not fishy at all!
10 Miler Notes
I have been considering a 10 Miler as my next race. There is one at Lumberjack Days in Stillwater, MN at the end of July. I thought this would be a good next step before a half.

  • I looked up the times and it seems it is small and mostly experianced runners. By that I mean, only 5 - 10 people in the 11-12 min mile area. I am slow unless I really concentrate on my training and with it being the first time I would be doing 10 miles... I am thinking I might be slow.
  • Another thing - it might be hilly. That area of Minnesota (along the Wisconson border) can be hilly and argh more nerves !!!!
  • I would be one of the last finishers and I really don't like that. I think I like large races where their are all different abilities present.
This post brought to you by Two-fer Tuesdays ( because it was almost two posts in one!!)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Race Eve

I have the big 10K tomorrow. Went and picked up my race packet.


Gotta love the swag. The Adidas bags were nice this year, adding it to my collection.

Did a little browsing at the Health and Fitness Expo.


Got Amy and I awesome shirts and Bondi Bands! I won’t be wearing the shirt tomorrow, it is going to be in the 80’s but I will be rocking the Bondi Band!


Getting excited! 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I'm Fond of ...

I'm Fond of ....

• chocolate covered coffee beans

• getting my eyebrows waxed

• the feeling of accomplishment

• looking at great photography by an amateur photographer

• Fat Tire and Rolling Rock Beers

• my Mom - amazing !!

• drinking Bud Light by the fire pit on cool summer evenings

• Ménage a Trios Wine

• aviator Sunglasses

• flip flops

• funky hats

• my Dad

• wearing my hair in different ways

• clothing - old, new, slightly used

• the glow of the moon on Minnesota Lakes

• the smell right before it rains

• grey finger nail polish

• lists

• the smell of spring

• sticky notes

• kiwi

• music in all shapes and forms

• finding the perfect unique piece to add to your wardrobe

• fun flats

• high heels

• my brother – it’s wonderful to be related to my best friend

• ok, just shoes in general

• the fact that my friends think I should write a book about my dating stories (yes, they truly are that horrible!!)

• campfire smells

• the moment when you set foot on ground you have never seen before

• Greek salads!!

• outdoor concerts

• talking to strangers and learning their story

• Victoria’s Secret Supermodel Perfume

• the unconditional love of an animal

• writing on the first page of a notebook

• finding new words to broaden my vocabulary

• Opi 'I'm Really Not A Waitress' nail polish

• the moment your creative spark turns to flame and you have an idea to begin writing

• identifying what makes you you

• dreaming about what my life might be like in the future

• enjoying every moment in the presence of someone I love

• my extremely independent lifestyle

• learning something new

• getting the giggles at inappropriate times

• carefree, free spirited people

• finding the good in a stranger

• this amazing world and all it has to offer

Now ... your turn!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I'm A Mess!!

I was pretty much done with a different post and this one just screamed at me. Not literally, but the pain is yelling and saying ‘You must tell everyone about this’. So here goes …
I had a headache last night and woke up with one this morning. I half chalked it up to my fried appetizer and chocolate covered strawberries intake last night (oops!). I figured give your body what it isn’t used to, and get a reaction you aren’t used to.
The headache subsided a couple hours ago (yay!) but guess what showed up? Lower back pain! I would describe it as on my left side right about pelvic bone, the same place I had issues last year during my race. I am praying it goes away before Saturday! I am so nervous already about the 10K and this is not making me feel better.
The worst part, last year the Chiriopractor told me it was probably due to some ITB issues. So I bought a foam roller and started rolling out my muscles after every run as well as stretching.
Confession … I have been so busy that last week that on my last two runs (last Thursday and Saturday) I haven’t stretched as well as normal and I didn’t roll out my muscles. I am not a doctor, or a fitness expert but… I am thinking the two might be linked.
I am going to roll everything out when I get home, try a short run and pray it doesn’t get worse!!!
I will take any tips, advice, suggestions!! Please pretty please!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oh how I love thee, Sticky Notes

I have an odd office supply obsession. To be honest, pens are ok, pencils are fine, paperclips are boring… what really gets my heart racing??? Notebooks and Sticky Notes. Every time I open a brand new notebook and write on the first page it is like the first day of school again. Oh the joys of childhood.

What sparked this off topic intro was the large amount of sticky notes I have stuck to my desk on any given day. Some are ‘to dos’, reminders, or books I would like to purchase, or products I hear about, or the phone number to guy I would like to hire, lots of them are momentary thoughts or blog ideas. I actually have a sticky note on my desk right now that says ‘Sticky Note Obsession’ … yep nerd alert. What is even nerdier? … the fact that I am going to get slightly excited when I finish this post and get to place that sticky in the recycling pile. (and no, the electronic ones for your computer just aren't the same!!)

In other news, I have my 10K coming this weekend at the Fargo Marathon. The race starts at 7 AM which means I need to be up around 5 AM to get breakfast in and all my pre-race fun. I ran into a friend from college on Sunday evening and found out her and another friend from college will be running 10K as well. More joyous people to run into while I trudge along.
Also another friend of mine will be coming to town this weekend from Minneapolis. It will be really fun to see everyone and celebrate finishing my first 10K.

Sorry for you quick random post, remember my What if ... post??? I have an update coming soon on how that has been going.

Friday, May 14, 2010

I am a City Girl at Heart.

I grew up in the city. By all definitions of the phrase, I am a city girl. Although, I grew up in a city, that is in a state, that is mostly country. So… sometimes that can be confusing. Those of you that live in Chicago, NYC, or LA may think Who is this crazy country girl kidding, Fargo is no city. And I understand your point. This may not be the size of previously mentioned communities but sure isn’t the country either.

 I grew up with rules like Come home when the street lights turn on. We lived on a road where you truly had to watch for cars, in a neighborhood where every other house looked the same. I am not kidding; it was like one of those cheesy movies (think Stepford Wives or Pleasantville).

When I was about 8 I ran away from home, I took my My Little Pony Sleeping bag and headed to the park that was located a block or so away. It was probably not 20 minutes before my parents showed up and I lied, I just said I wanted to go to the park. They had to so kindly explain that you have to ask if you are going to the park and you surely couldn’t bring your sleeping bag with. Lesson learned.

 My brother also ran away, he and my cousin (I believe they were 5 and 6), took a Red Flyer wagon and ran away to the ice-cream store. They were obviously much smarter than me; I ran away to a park, an ice cream store seems like a much better idea. The ladies at the store asked them what they were doing and they explained why they were there. Get this, they fed them ice cream until the Police got there to bring them home. Free ice-cream, hats off to those boys.

Thanks to Little House on the Prairie and Wranglers ads, I thought I knew everything there was to know about the country. Tractors, tight jeans and country music. I went through a stage where I wanted desperately to be a country girl. More than I wanted to be a country girl, I wanted a sexy, green tractor riding, boot cut jean wearing, country boy.. or so I thought.

In high school, my friend Beth and I did everything in our power to make that happen. We had stickers in the windows of our cars that said ‘Country Girl’. We tried to rub elbows with the country kids and go places we might meet guys of that liking. Once we went to a party, in a garage, that had a truck in it. If that wasn’t enough to rock our 17 year old worlds, this truck couldn’t be moved because there was no engine. To top it off, everyone was drinking Old Milwaukee or PBR. We were fairly certain that no one in our high school of 2,000 people would choose to drink that stuff but these boys did. Jackpot, this is where I am going to find my sexy, green tractor riding, boot cut jean wearing, country boy.

They wanted little to do with the life in the city, they kept asking us what our ‘home-boys’ thought of us coming to a country party. It didn’t seem to sink into their heads that we weren’t from the hood, we didn’t have home-boys, and although our friends in the city would probably laugh at the situation we had gotten ourselves into… they surely weren’t going to grab their ‘glock’ and go all gansta on their ass.

We had brought in a CD to play and it was full of Top 40 hits in 2001. It was like walking into another era, they had never heard any of it. We were only 40 miles from our home and these people had never heard Lady Marmalade or Get this Party Started. It was like we were from two different worlds and yet … we were still interested in being country girls.

Then the moment that defined my life forever as a city girl…

I was a tough cookie and had tried a couple of the Old Mil’s while chatting up the farm boys. Soon, as my underage drinking self would learn, those beers needed to be released. I tried to be sly, I pulled Beth aside, I have to pee!

We toughed up asked where the bathroom was, and the room erupted in laughter. I am sorry I don’t see that as a funny question. I guess… country girls don’t need bathrooms. Seriously, you have got to be kidding me, these people don’t use bathrooms. What kind of backward town are we in? Oh wait, it’s not a town, we are 10 miles from the closest town. Ugh!!
Wait, we were in a garage, which meant there was a house ... sooooo why couldn’t I go in there? They explained someone was sleeping in there and I needed to go outside.  Beth and I went outside to assess the situation:

Beth was sure I could do it, You will be fine, just squat by that tree.

No you don’t understand, if I go outside, I can’t go back inside.

What, Why?

I explained how as a child my parents had tried on road trips to teach me to go outside and it always, always ended in soaking wet pants. I just wasn’t a squatter. I was born in the city and wasn’t ever meant to go outside; it just wasn’t in the cards for me.

Good little city girls that we were, we explained that they had two options they could let me use the bathroom inside or we would have to drive to the nearest town for me to use one. And if we had to drive 10 miles towards home we would probably just head home. Well these boys weren’t about to let the closest thing they had met to Brittney Spears (Beth not me, she was blonde and gorgeous) walk out that door … although I am not even sure they had heard of Britney Spears but you get the point. So I had to be extremely quiet but our negotiating worked and I got to use the bathroom inside.

City girls prevail!

Later in life I did master the art of peeing next to a car and have utilized the skill numerous instances. Although, every time I do, I cringe and ask the God of Embarrassment to please grant pity on me.

I also got over my obsession with country boys, although I still think boys in Wranglers are attractive, we just don’t have much in common.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

What makes a Cupcake-Aholic ....

I once had a Facebook status at 4 AM that said ‘Jess – is wishing she was wearing high heels so she could do the model walk down her hallway’ It was written after a few to many drinks but it represents me to a T.
Random thoughts like that pop in my head and if I am not in the presence of someone I am comfortable with, or a computer they leave as fast as they came. I have been reading a lot this week, different things, new things, keep popping in. I have been trying to write down each of them, whether fictional or truthful before the creative part of my brain exits and the normal me comes through again.
On the particular night that status went up, I had worked until 2 AM at the bar and we had decided to have an after work gathering at my house. We made martinis, shots, beers, and gosh knows what else. I have the most random pictures of people dancing in my apartment living room without a care in the world. I am fairly certain we had a photo shoot on my bed with various people and jammed out to Michael Jackson and some 90’s rap. Aww, the good ole days.
The random girl who wrote that status:

• Walks around her house with ‘Barbie Toes’ to try and not let her stiletto heels leave little hoof prints in the gorgeous 50 year old wood floors. What are ‘Barbie Toes’ you may wonder… well Barbie Toe’n is walking or standing on tip toes just like Barbie’s are permanently molded, kind of like an invisible high heel. It is phrase stolen from Tyra Banks on America’s Next Top Model.

• If she falls asleep with two socks on, always wakes up with only one on.

• Can’t watch another person eat without digging in. This sometimes comes across as fairly rude but it just a thing she does. She will share with you too!!

• Often ponders the randomness of life… like since she works at a bar the works entirely on the quarter or larger system, why doesn’t the rest of the world.

• Laughs at the most inappropriate times.

• Has never seen a Star Wars movie, or an episode of Star Trek and probably never will.

• Thinks that the way a heart and breathing slows in the presence of someone who you love is so much more important than the way it speeds up in the presence of lust.

• Gets three random black hairs on her chest which she plucks as soon as she sees them.

Loves to challenge people to bar sports she is horrible at (i.e. darts and pool), but only if they can play each other left handed. She usually doesn’t tell them till she beats them that she is left handed.

Monday, May 10, 2010

What if … I was confident in the presence of someone I was interested in?

So after reading other ‘What if’ posts I decided to throw one in but as a curve ball. Every once in awhile I battle with sharing more personal struggles on here, I have a conversation with myself and typically decide against it. For the most part, the people who know me in real life don’t know this Blog even exists and I am ok with that. At the same time, if I write more personal issues and I do share the Blog with the people who know me, would I be embarrassed by those things?
I was in a relationship all through college with the same person. I really didn’t do the flirting, dating thing for 5 years so when that relationship was officially over I struggled with all things related to the opposite sex. Now it is 4 years later and I still struggle. I am the most confident girl in the world when I am not attracted to someone or I consider the someone unavailable, I can laugh, and joke be myself. Not with someone I am attracted to or seems within my reach, I am the opposite. Complete opposite! I am not me, I am shy and reserved and struggle through the situation. Typically this results in people who I am not interested in or typically wouldn’t be interested in ending up liking me because they know the real me.
It has come to my attention by some friends that I am inherently bad at reading signals. So to top off the above issues, I am struggle because I don’t realize people are interested or flirting with me. Yeah I have issues! I think some of these issues spawn from the periods of my life where I didn't feel like guys were intersted in me and I truly think they wern't because I wasn't confident in myself.
So my What if… my goal is I am trying to be more open and myself when I am interested in someone. Also, I am trying to be more receptive to the ‘signals’ people are sending. So watch out world, Confident me is coming your way!

Relocation .. Boooo!

Last week flew by, before I knew it, it was Friday. This weekend flew by as well, too much time working at the bar and suddenly it is Monday. Fortunately for me, this week I only work at the bar Wednesday night and Sunday night so my weekend will be a lot more relaxing next week.
I am working on a ‘What if’ post which is more personal than my normal posts so keep your eyes out for that.
Last post I eluded to some life changes that are happening and here it is: The house I live in was my Grandma’s, I currently live there with my brother and a friend of ours Brittany. We had been renting it from my family since my Grandma was in the nursing home. Now that she has passed the family has voted to sell the house and will be listing it on June 1st. I considered buying it myself but decided I want to finish paying off my credit cards before I buy a house (I am proud of my big girl decision!).

So…. that means we will be looking for a new place to rent. Brittany is moving in with her boyfriend July 1st so it will just be Josh and I. After living in a house I really don’t want to go back to apartment living. We also inherited my Grandma’s cat, Tony, who has grown on me and I love our cuddle sessions. My brother also got a dog last year, a gorgeous yellow lab Windsor and he must come with us. Our animal clan will limit our options quite a bit.

We started looking at some different rental companies and I think we are going to have some options. We are thinking we will be moving as of August 1st so we have sometime.

The looking, packing, and moving will create some hectic times this summer. I despise moving!! I still have boxes of books and other things in our basement from the last move. I am vowing to be better about unpacking this time!!
Have a great Monday!

Friday, May 7, 2010

1 Loss, 1 Win

It's been a long week (and getting longer). I have some things changing in my life that are going to cause some hiccups in the road (I will touch on those in a later post).

Loss: My friend Kellie (from my John Mayer post) was supposed to run the 10K with me at the Fargo Marathon. She had to pull out because she can't get the day off of work. Which means Jess is running alone, in a race that I have been feeling very unprepared for. I am frustrated by the situation but not with her. I totally understand that things happen and it is ok, I am sucking my lower lip back in and am going to stop pouting.

Win: First background on my week, my legs have been screaming at me all week. I took too much time off and then jumped in head first. Monday I did BodyPump and biked 12 miles. Tuesday, legs were hating me and I went for a 2 mile run and had to walk three times (arghhh!). Wednesday my legs were still pretty soar, I took it easy at BodyPump and really decreased my lower body weight. It actually seemed to loosen up my muscles and they wern't too bad afterwords. So I decided to still take it easy and do just over a mile on the eliptical.
Thursday.... the wind had died down, it was a cool 50 degrees out and I decided to run. It was slow, but I ran 4 miles!!! Four freakin miles!! for the first time without stopping. When I had about a mile left all I kept thinking was 'I can do this 10k, I don't need a partner, I got this'.

I had to do a little cheerleading for myself because I know I will be running by myself and won't have anyone to push me. After the run I rolled out my muscles and thought about the race a little. With just over two weeks to race day, I am confident that I can finish the 10k and it won't kill me (Win), it might be slow and at my own pace but I will run this race. I am actually thinking it might be better to do it by myself because I always try and keep up with my friends who are little more naturally athletic.

I am so happy to say I worked out 4 days this week. I work at the bar all weekend so I won't get a run in till Sunday but it going to be another long one. Only one week till I taper off for the race!!

Happy Friday!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

She Loves It, She Loves It Not!

She Loves it Not

I took my new bike for a spin last night!! It finally stopped raining and when I got home from BodyPump I decided it was the perfect night for a ride. I did just less than 12 miles and was ready for dinner when I got home! I also had a realization... I have been a naughty runner the last couple weeks. I am running a 10K on May 22nd and I was doing so well with my training plan. Then the last few weeks I have completely bailed on running.

I have always said I never want to resent exercise. I want to do it because 'I Want To'. That is the whole reason I don't go to BodyStep anymore. Every Tuesday I would get out of work and dread the drive to the gym. So I decided to make Tuesdays a running day (Today is Tuesday and yes I will be running). I think the last few weeks it wasn't that I didn't want to run or work out... I was just plain LAZY!

I am a LAZY person. There I admitted it. I sometimes feel like my active lifestyle is lie. If I just keep doing it someday I will enjoy it. I still have days where I wake up on Saturday at 10 AM and go... I will run on Sunday. Then I wake up at 9:30 AM on Sunday and think ... ehhhh I am taking the weekend off.

She Loves it!!!!

Do I contradict my self, well then I contradict myself! It is ok because I do love exercise even though I sometimes dread it. Last night I caught myself 'having a conversation' while riding my bike (it was out loud too.)

It is those moments where I am so lost from real life that I imagine like a child. That is why I love exercise! When I run I sometimes imagine that I am training for my first marathon (when it is only my first 10K) or on a bike ride I imagine speaking to people about fitness and how I got healthy. Sometimes it has nothing to do with exercise, I just imagine, just like I am five again. I love the escape from reality. Yeah, I know I am kind of a freak but it’s ok with me!

So even though I dread exercise, I sometimes loath it, some days (or weeks) I can’t bring myself to look at my running shoes… in the end I make myself go because somewhere in all of the craziness I get lost, I forget about the piles of work I left uncompleted at the office, I forget that I work at my second job all next weekend, I forget that I am 26 years old and should be acting like grown up. I forget that beyond the age of 7 your aren’t supposed to play ‘pretend’.

Stop the Press!!!

I am on a pedestal today... can you believe it??? I will save my soap box talking for the end of this post because first I have news.

I lost last week. Not just a little, I lost everything I had gained the last few weeks and I weighed in at 152.6. I am .4 pounds away from 30 pounds lost and only 7.6 pounds away from my goal.

I was so happy I could have cried... ok not that happy! But I stepped on the scale twice to see if it was lying to me.

I was a fairly healthy eater last week. I had WAY more fruits and veggies than my previous weeks. I had a few Green Monsters and tried to stay within my portions. That’s the good of last week; I also didn't go to the gym or run at all. I have always heard that when you take a couple weeks off your muscles release some of the water they keep in them soooo the scale might have been a false positive.

Ok the Soap Box ....

I don't eat 'clean' all the time, I don't buy all organic, I sometimes shop at Wal-Mart and support corporate America. I often forget my reusable bags at home. I know that those things make me not a true granola and I don't care. I try to make choices as often as possible to help our environment So...

It really chaps my behind when I am reading blogs by people who won't put chemicals in their body but take almost all their food pics on paper plates with pretty little flowers on them. The End, that is all I am going to say about it.

P.S. I noticed I was pressing the keys really hard as I wrote that.