Friday, April 16, 2010

Viva Laughlin!

I am counting down the days and hours until I fly out for Laughlin, Nevada. A small gambling town along the Colorado River.  

I am not a gambler but I will be enjoying some 80 degree days by the pool, walking along the river, taking a boat ride to Lake Havasu and enjoying my first In-n-Out burger. We fly out Sunday at 7:30 AM. Bright and early.

Today and tomorrow are going to be crazy. I am working both jobs today and then tomorrow is one of my closest friends Amy's birthday. She is the big 2-6 and I always make her a cake. German Chocolate, her fav! So tomorrow I will be:

• baking a cake

• putting away all of my laundry

• cleaning my house (a traveling ritual)

• getting a quick run in

• packing

• picking up some last minute necessities

• delivering the cake

• having birthday dinner and a couple drinks with the Birthday girl
• getting to bed early so I can be at the airport by 6:30

Busy Busy!! I am hoping to get a post in too. I was planning on bringing my laptop with and loading some pictures while we are there but my friend who I am going with wasn't so keen on the idea of me posting while we are there... so now I am on the fence. I promised not to let it interrupt our sun time so maybe I will sneak in a few posts :)
Yay, I love going new places and taking fun pictures.

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