Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thirsty Thursday!

Unfortunately, I am not doing it the college way (drinks, drinks, and more drinks), I am downing water like it’s my job. I am not sure what came over me this morning but I am chugging the H2O.

Rant of the day: I have a Love/Hate relationship with Google reader!

It is so nice to see a list of all the Blogs you follow and read all the new stuff quickly, BUT ... to read comments, see the blog's other sections, their blog roll and so many other things; you have to click out and open a new window and it just seems like a lot!! I sometimes feel I am missing the personality of the Blog by reading it on a white background and without actually seeing it.

Are their any other reading options that you like?? Opinions??

Fun Moment of the Week: I love finding fun places in the community I live in. I think everyone should explore new places to eat, drink, and be merry!! I live in Fargo and although our metro area population is around 180,000, we are very much a college town. We have an additional 20,000 people during the school year (give or take).

When I was in college, I loved the downtown sports bars, the clubs, the chain restaurants where I knew what to order. Fast forward 4 years (yes, this May I will have graduated from school 4 years ago… ugh getting old), I am more interested in finding a quiet hole in the wall where I can visit with friends and people watch the ‘artsy’ types that frequent there. I love meeting new people I would never meet at one of the mainstream bars or restaurants. I love eating at restaurants owned by people in our community.

There is a restaurant in downtown Fargo called Juano’s they have wonderful Mexican food. They actually also have quite a few little burrito shops for a fast food option too. On the other side of the river, in Downtown Moorhead, they have a burrito shop and Latin Bar. For some strange reason I have never been there.

Monday was my first time and I loved it! It was my friend Kelsey’s Birthday and we met there for two drinks. It was cute, little, and featured local artists on their large stone walls. I will definitely be back.
NOTE: I didn't have my camera with, but I was hoping to steal some pictures from their site... they don't have one!!! Booo!!!

Fun Moment #2: I bought a bike last night!!! Yes, I did! It is a Trek 7.0 FX. Nothing fancy but enough to get me started. Thank you Scheel's for once again providing wonderful service!

I took it for spin around the block and was very happy with it! Hopefully the rain will allow for a longer ride this weekend.

In other news, I promise I will get up those trip picks soon. I have been Blogging from work this week. It has been crazy the last few days!

I have been better with my eating this week but I need to get more activity in again! Running tonight then to the Parade of Homes!

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