Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sometimes you have sit back and wonder ...

I try to find time to just sit back and 'wonder' each day. It is my zen, my meditation time. I honestly believe it is these times that allow me to stay emotionally grounded in this crazy world we live in.

I thought I would share some of my 'self' moments that keep me sane.
- Running (that was a gimme)
- Morning bed time - when I wake up I often lay and bed and mentally prepare for the day for a few minutes. Sometimes it is because I just can't bring myself to move and sometimes it is just a transition period from slumberland to daily craze.
- Reading - I get lost in books!! It is like a mini-vacation for me. I spend almost all my lunch hours reading (no I am not anti-social, I have to talk with people all day so that is my me time).
- Close my eyes - Sometime I just close my eyes and breath. It brings my heart rate down and I open my eyes back up and feel rejuvenated.

It wasn't until recently that I started realizing what I do to keep me normal. I have a full-time job at a major bank which requires 40 -50 hours of my time, a part-time job at a bar for 15-20 hours a week, I blog, twitter, run, lift, read, socialize, go out to eat, organize events for my friends... and what do I do for me??

I thought about it and that is it!! I Read, I lift, I run, I spend time with myself, and I spend time with others. My new favorite hobby is taking pictures and I am going to add that to the list.

In other news, I read a post on Find your Balance about sugar highs and it brought me back to my Easter Sunday episode. P.S. As I was packing my bag with lunch and breakfast this morning I grabbed a handful of Easter candy out of my brother's basket (oops!). I purposely only brought my snack bars and healthy stuff from my basket home. It seems by brother brought the candy store with him. Ugh .. Will power Jess ... you need will power.

I have been battling a headache all day to day ... grrr!! So it might be another early night for me!

Happy Tuesday!!

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  1. This is key! Great job on making living a balanced life a priority.