Monday, April 5, 2010

Peeps, Peter Cotton Tail, and other sugar coated temptations

Before the Easter Bunny came there was Saturday….

I got my run in (3.64 miles). I can’t explain how fun it was to run outside. I absolutely loved it. Running on a treadmill has it’s place but I am loving Spring. All the people and animals… ugh so fun!!

I spent Easter Sunday at my parents. We got a sump pump put in our basement and it was right where the washer hook-ups were, so now we need to have it all redone to hook up our washer and dryer … sooo brought all my laundry to my parents. All 6 loads of it… eeekk! So in between candy, dinner, more candy, and taxes … I did loads and loads of laundry.

Oh and the candy… the Easter Bunny brought me a basket with granola bars and Fiber One bars and… peeps, marshmallow eggs, jelly beans and M & M’s. Thanks MOM!!!

One sugar crash later I was excited to go home and crash.

Today was just another Monday …. work …  BodyPump and then rollerbladings (Did I mention I love spring???)

I am going to crash early tonight. Good night!!!

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