Saturday, April 10, 2010

Naughty Naughty

NOTE: This is my Wednesday post that I created and thought I posted but I guess I just saved it. Better late than never.

BodyPump – I have BodyPump tonight, went up in weight on Monday and sticking with that tonight. It was tough but I really get excited when I start to move up in weight. BodyPump 73 is tough but it is amazing.

I have been itching to buy a new camera but I attempted to prove to myself that my current camera can take decent pictures. I am currently using a Canon PowerShot SD1100 IS.

I grew up in a newer neighborhood and everything was pretty cookie cutter. I now live in my Grandma’s old house (she is in assisted living) and it is in an older neighborhood. There was lots of run things to take pictures of. These are all from our background.










Went out to dinner with Brittany.  Any one else still get really overwhelmed by menus at restaurants? I was struggling making a decision. At one point Brittany said ‘I am pretty sure you have said ‘MMM , that sounds good’ to everything on the menu!’ I am indecisive what can I say…

Tomorrow– John Mayer !! Yay! Can’t it would be better if it was outside but we will take what we can.

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