Wednesday, April 14, 2010

We Only Get One Body

It has been a long 5 days and I am happy to be back to my normal routine. I worked all day today and will be hitting up BodyPump and a run tonight.

So on to business:
There have been lots of posts about going make up free, no photoshopping, being real women and all that fun stuff. I want to touch on that.

First, Fit, Fun, and Fabulous  had a post last week regarding celebs going sans makeup for covers and magazine spreads.  I love the idea, truely what we see in magazines isn't really what the stars look like. I think it is amazing that we can see their true beauty for once.
Although I do have a few comments on some of the images (I am sure you are surprised) ...

First the below picture of Jessica Simpson makes me question it a little ... It sure does look like she has eyeliner on... I am going to give her the benefit of the doubt and go with it is left over from the night before.

Next phote of Jessica has a much more natural look ....

I was most impressed by the 90210 girls. They have the most natural look about them and I think it is stunning!!

All and all I think this amazing and I am so happy these have come to light. I would love to see more spreads like this, no photoshopping, no airbrushing, real natural beauty.

Next my dear Brittany Spears is going No Photoshopping in her new Candies add. Love it!!!

Next Body Image and Real-Size Models
I have always hated the phrase 'Plus-Size'. It is horrible, so as a size 8 ... I am plus size. I am sorry I refuse to believe it. I also know that if I was a size 2 you would be checking me into the hosipital ... just sayin.
The Sweetest Thing has had some really great posts on this topic lately and they have intrigued me.

First her post on Julie Henderson. Looking at the pictures posted in none of them does she look any different than a normal model (in my opinion).

Then her second post .... Celebrity or Not We Are All The Same talks about her experiance meeting another 'Real Model' Emme. I can't wait to hear what Emme is launching with The Body Image Council but I will sure be watching her site as well as The Sweetest Thing's (I have a sneeking suspision Jacquie will end up involved).

Another great post in the last week was at The BroadBroad. She had this post on school lunches and what we were eating growning up. Of course inspired by Jaimie Oliver's Food Revolution. I am loving the show and am truely hoping he is able to change what the youth of today eat in schools. I went to a high school where two days a week you have the choice of getting Papa John's pizza... yeah not so healthy!!

Thoughts... Comments...???

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