Friday, April 23, 2010

The Good and the Bad of Life Vacations

I am back from the dead.

Back from my vacation in the sun.

Back from my vacation from workouts.

Back from my vacation from eating healthy.

Back from my vacation from blogging.

Since Sunday, I have been in Sunny Nevada, Arizona, and briefly California. I completely plan on sharing my pictures and journey but first I want to touch on my I think vacations from your life plans are good and bad.

First of course the good.

A break from work and your daily tasks that you ‘need’ to accomplish is wonderful. I completely believe we need to allow ourselves times to reflect, enjoy, relax, and see the world. I try to take mini-vacations at home within driving distance at least once every two months. I also try to take at least two major trips (typically with flights included) at least twice a year. The last couple years I have been fortunate enough travel more than that.

When it is comes to workouts your body does need rest and sometimes a week off is just what the body ordered.

New light – When I come home from vacation I always end up refreshed with a new found outlook on everything. I am ready to jump head first into my work, workouts, and meal planning.

The Bad

When I am out of my normal schedule I almost always eat like crazy. I indulge and not just a little. I have had burgers and fries, buffets with endless deserts, fajitas, margaritas, icy coffee drinks and more.

Today it was back on track and eating like a normal person. I know I should make better choices when I travel and I try to an extent but for some reason it is like… different area code, different eating plan.

I will post more pics tomorrow but here is a sneak preview.

IMG_2119My first In-N-Out Burger. It was really good!!! Good thing we don’t have those back home!

 IMG_2131 Some friends in the Colorado River.


Jen and I in front of London Bridge.

More tomorrow!!!

Happy Friday!!

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