Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Best of the Best

I spent a lot of time last night catching up on some much needed Blog time. It was me, the TV (Biggest Loser, 90210, Melrose Place on DVR), a #Fitblog twitter chat, and Blog time.

If I don’t say so myself it was ah-maz-ing! Below are a few posts that really stood out to me. Unfortunately, sometimes when I am reading a mass amount of posts (my Google reader said I had over 130 unread last night) I look at almost all posts (lovely Foodie pictures) but I only read the ones that really pull me in.

I found
The Sweetest Thing last night at the #fitblog Twitter Chat. I started reading her posts and I am now a follower!! This two part series was amazing.
Part 1 and Part 2

These posts had a lot of great information. I battled disordered eating for about a year and half in junior high and so the topics at hand always intrigue me.

One of my favorite quotes she pulled out:
At the same time, “we live in a setting, in an environment
where we’re told to eat, eat, eat, but not look like it.” (Ovidio Bermudez, Past
President of
NEDA and now represents AED, IAEDP and BEDA)

That defines me!!!

Ali at Food, Fitness, Fashion had a great post yesterday about BodyPump. I talk quite frequently about BodyPump (heading there tonight). She summarized what it is all about: The 411 on BodyPump

Also, my twitter, WW board, and Blog friend TheBroadBroad posted a link to this article on people who take food pictures from the NY Times. I was kind of surprised by a few of the opinions but very interesting!

Another notable webbased article–
Dairy Queen launching Mini-Blizzard!!
NOTE: I am sorry I was pretty sure I got this one from one of my twitter friends, but I failed at remembering who. Let me know and I will give you credit!!!

Their were a lot of great posts out there and I am going to try to be better about keeping up on my reading! What everyone else writes inspires me!!

Happy Hump Day!

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