Thursday, March 4, 2010

Steak and Lobster and Wii … Oh my!

Sorry about the Wizard of Oz reference... I couldn’t resist. I love the shoes!! Especially these by Hollywood Heels!

Last night I ate dinner at a friend’s house, easy right. Not so
much ….

I was really excited to go, I have been trying to control my eating out so
this seemed like the perfect opportunity to socialize and remain healthy.
When she invited me she mentioned we would be having steak and lobster.
Meat, red meat… I am sorry did someone just say my middle name!! I
don’t eat lobster but steak, oh steak I love.

So I arrive last night and her boyfriend is cooking, which makes me even more excited … he is a fitness freak!! He works out twice a day and personal trains people as
well. My WW self starts thinking… perfect you are going to eat totally healthy.

He started to make the salads, romaine hearts, green peppers, onions, pepper… all good. Then the cheese came… and he loaded it on before I could say ‘No, cheese please’. Don’t get me wrong, I like cheese. I like cheese a lot! I like cheese more than I like meat so… I ate it. What’s a girl to do … it was just sitting there.

Oh and did I mention, he didn’t own low calorie or fat free dressing. I guess when you work out twice a day … you can kind of eat what you want.

I am happy to report the salad was the only obstacle at dinner. I easily turned down a beer and had water instead. I ate my steak and counted the points. For a side, he steamed asparagus and carrots … YUMMY!!!

All and all a win!! Thank you Brit and Dennis for an amazing dinner… even if the salad
was huge!

Tonight: Slinging drinks at the bar! And being a very good girl… weigh in tomorrow!!


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