Monday, March 29, 2010


On Monday mornings, I always reflect on my weekend. Record all my eats and drinks and plan the rest of my week based on that.

Today … I keep thinking over-indulgence. Although two of my days I didn’t over-indulge I just didn’t eat the right foods (not enough fruits and veggies).

Friday: I was pretty good, had a VitaTop for breakfast and a veggie pizza for lunch. I had two high bran muffins (one right as I left the gym and one right before I ran out the door). Yes, no supper I was naughty!! I went and met Kelsey my wonderful friend who doesn’t believe in Social Networking (no facebook, blogs, or twitter for her) we had one beer at a little bar and were going to make a plan for our night. We got so caught up in talking we only had the one drink and just chatted until they turned the lights on. By this point (1:30 AM), I was starving! I rushed home and posted an Arnold Sandwich thin and smeared some peanut butter on there. So although I didn’t overindulge… I kind of under-indulged and that may have been the cause of Saturday’s issues.

I slept in till 10 AM (YAY for lazy Saturdays) drank coffee and had a ½ Bran Blueberry Muffin. Then about 11:30 I was feeling hungry so I made a breakfast sandwich with a toasted Arnold Sandwich thin, egg cooked in Olive Oil, three slices Canadian bacon and a slice of Skim American Cheese. It was so yummy!! I got ready for the gym packed my bag. Before the gym I hit up a used clothing store who sells name brand clothes (I got a pair of Joe’s Jeans in perfect shape for $40!!) Then went to the gym and put in 3 miles which was really tough. I don’t know what my deal was. A quick stop and Target and by the time I got home my friend Amy and her boyfriend were already at the Gastropub. I showered quick and met up with them but I was starving and didn’t get there till 8pm. I ordered a Philly Wrap with French Fries. I demolished the wrap and only had a few fries.
But…. I drank! I had a Bloody Mary and a Vodka Soda there then we went to another bar and I had a few more drinks and someone started buying shots. Ugh!! I got a ride home at 1 AM and I was FULL!!

Sunday: I woke up thinking I might not feel so well but after glass of water and a cup of coffee I was revived. I had a Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Muffin (amazing!) and watched a movie on the couch. I decided I was going to be ready for lunch and realized I needed to cook. I make CrockPot Lasagna, one of my favorite recipes. It is actually a Weight Watchers recipe but it doesn’t taste like it. After I threw that in the Crock-Pot I had a Yoplait Greek Honey-Carmel Yogurt (I found a flavor I like!!). Then when the Lasagna was done I had a huge plateful. My brother was a fan as always and he had seconds. I also made some steamed asparagus to try and add some veggies (since I hadn’t really had any since Friday).

Ok so after writing it down, my main overindulgence was the booze! It isn’t normal for me to drink that much (not since college at least). When I count the drinks I had (4) it doesn’t seem that bad but then throw the shots in the mix (4) and you understand why I was Full/toasted.

I am really hoping my new laptop arrives today! I can't wait to get it all set up!!

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  1. Please share the lasanga recipe I am always looking for a good ww recipe.