Monday, March 22, 2010

It's Greek to Me!!

First -- it has been too long since I have posted. I live in Fargo, North Dakota and for the last week we have been battling a flood. It has been a long week but the river crested and at only 36 feet. Last week in our record breaking flood the river went a high as 41 feet.

Last year was the craziest thing I have ever experienced. The entire city shut down and we fought hard to save our city. It was the largest flood in the Red River's history and hopefully we don't see another melt like that in my life time .This year was nothing in comparison (Thank God!!).

Now on to a more interesting topic ...

Greek Yogurt.

I follow a lot Blogs, and I love trying new products. For along time, I was afraid to try it and continued to read about how great it was and yet I couldn't bring myself to try it.

About two weeks ago, I took the plunge. In my weekly visit to the grocery store, I spent my normal half hour in the natural food section looking for items that I might want to try and I decided to get some.

I was thinking, "I always try flavored yogurt... let's try plain" I purchased a large container of The Greek God's Greek Yogurt

Review: This might be a little biased since I haven't tried regular plain yogurt but it hasn't been my favorite. I have tried mixxing it with pumpkin, and that helped some but I think I would need to add sugar or Splenda. It just was tart and blah. I wish I had better things to say. I really want to like it.

Next, since I am convinced it is me not the yogurt... I tried another kind.

Yoplait Greek Yogurt - Strawberry.

Review: Although, it tasted better ... It was gritty and still not my favorite. Maybe I need to not compare it to regular yogurt or maybe I need to try mixxing it with things.

Next up: I am going to try Fage and Chobani since it sounds like every one is a fan of those. I am determined to like Greek Yogurt!!

Hope your Monday went well!!

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  1. I never like d yogurt or dairy until I found this It is awesome by itself or with a small low aft granola bar crumbled up in it. I also use plain in a dill dip or as sour cream on a baked potato. The strange flavor grows on you, I promise.