Friday, March 5, 2010

I wish I could eat whatever I want and be that skinny!

Guilty! I used to say this all the time. I would look at someone skinny eating a cheeseburger or a fried appetizer and think or say "It must be nice".

About a year ago a friend moved in with me, she is one of 'those' people. She eats out almost everyday and is tiny … Like size 0/2 tiny. I was so convinced that she had this amazing metabolism and could eat anything in site.

What I realized overtime was, she didn't eat like me. She didn't have to eat everything on her plate. She could eat one piece of candy and let the bag sit there and it didn't bother her. She rarely ate the entire meal, most of times just half! She also only ate a couple times a day... she never at breakfast (which I completely don't condone). Her eating habits were so different than mine, especially when it came to greasy … naughty foods!!

Since having this first revelation... I started paying attention to how 'those' people eat and low and behold... it isn't like me! I have issues with food, yes I said it. I can't let food sit on my plate; I can't let candy sit uneaten. You put a bowl of chips in front of me and I eat. These are my issues; I can’t be upset or rattled because someone else doesn’t have the same issues I do. I never had to be jealous of what they had... I just had to change my habits. Break the addiction!

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