Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Bump in the Road

This week truly has been a bump in the road, but the bump has been caused by me.

As I posted about Monday, I had a little too much fun Saturday night. Unfortunately, since I had a little too much to drink I didn't notice my lovely leopard shoes leaving spots on my feet ...

These lovely blisters are healing slowly and have put a slight damper on my workout plans this week.

Sunday was my rest day since I did my long run on Saturday. Monday was supposed to be BodyPump and a quick 2 mile run. I did BodyPump but afterwords my feet were killing and I decided to take the night off.

Tuesday, should have been a 3 mile run but I decided to give myself one more day of healing.

Today, was BodyPump and I probably should have done a run since I missed yesterday but I decided to leave the gym after BodyPump. I am kind of mad at myself, my feet really aren't hurting and I could of ran. Old me won :(
NOTE: Today was our first day of BodyPump 73 ... this release is a killer! But in the best ways! The squat track is wicked and I loved it. Almost all the tracks have only a few breaks. I was sweating like crazy and I am so excited for at least two weeks of this music!!

So that wasn't the only bump in this road...


Monday: Breakfast was one of the Yummy muffins from my leader Krissy's muffin business. 2 points and so worth it. Lunch, a work friend asked me to go out and we decided to hit up one of the reopened golf course restaurants. I was excited I knew what I would order and I would have been fine... except the restaurant isn't open Monday's until April. Sooo... we stopped at the Silver Dollar where they have great sandwiches. We both ordered the Big Pig, it is a sandwich with shredded pork, ham and cheese... so not healthy. I didn't order fries but snuck a few of hers. Dinner, I was good and had some left over lasagna.
Tuesday: Breakfast and lunch were pretty standard and I was good. When I told one of my coworkers I was taking the night off from the gym she suggested we go grab a glass of wine. We hit up The Winery (love that place) and shared a bottle of Menage a Trois my favorite reasonable wine and Mediterranean Lavosh. It was so yummy but once again not good.
Wednesday: I was good for breakfast and lunch but this afternoon I had the worst chocolate cravings. I had 5 ... yes 5 Hershey's Special Dark Miniatures. Dinner, was broccoli with cheese, a half a piece of lasagna and 3 beers while watching a movie.
Tomorrow is a new day. I knew I had to own up to my downfalls on here and be honest. So there it is... my bumpy road.

By the way, I got my new Laptop and Tony joined in the fun ...

Ok, he loved the box more than anything!!


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